Cosmic Reality



As we begin to glimpse the vastness of the universe that seems to be expanding at an ever-increasing rate - with distant and more numerous planets being discovered by our multi-billion light-year universe in which   time-travel is normal.

The impossibility of a Jewish man in 29 a.d saying "before Abraham was I am" now seems 'no big deal' - ETERNAL TIME (where it's always 'now') seems possible.

We even have an original piece of one manuscript aged 100 a.d of John - one of this unique man's followers.

But, of course, our Western history is based  on its relationship to his birth as B.C. or A.D. -  so it's no surprise to say his name is Jesus and he is regarded as  the unique Son of God our Creator.

The historicity of his life and resurrection is  unprecedented in the number and reliability of eye-witnesses and of early manuscripts that ensure its transmission.

The prehistoric Bible presents the temporal view of what we have used our free will to do to this world made in his Son by our Maker - and the eternal/ timeless view of how that affected his Father, our God.  Its statement of reality is clear - God, our maker, made us and the world in his own Son Jesus to share their love and life and let Him develop the universe through us.

The actual Biblical statement of cosmic reality is "we are God's workmanship created  in Christ Jesus for good works which he prepared beforehand that we should walk in them” - and he himself therefore bears all the consequences in his Son if we do not.


This magnificent infinite universe of billions of planets lies before us so that we in the Spirit of his Son can develop it as He renovated the earth.   To do that we use our free wills to "walk in the works that he has prepared beforehand" to express the love that he has for his Father so that we liberate the whole universe into the spontaneous beauty that can come only from the infinite eternity that perfect love maintains.

This involves inducing our free wills to will so that our minds and emotions harmonize with our Father’s.  So we will think God's thoughts after Him as our hearts feel with His and our spirits move with His in the works of His thirteen billion light-year universe.

It all begins to make sense of our existence as we see the Creator made us in his Son with free wills capable of loving them and sharing the development of the earth and the whole universe as He guided us.  This great work begins after we leave this earth and begin to learn how the Creator thinks so that we can develop the universe as he has planned. We can begin to think today as He does so that we take part in the "works that he has prepared for us to walk in".

The first step is to understand our Maker and his Spiritual Life.  All around us in the stars is the eternal life of time - billions of light-years which we can only see and number with our eyes.  But there is a way to move from this visible life into the spiritual life of reality" where we see and experience the real existence that is eternal - let us patiently move towards that SPIRITUAL LIFE.