Cosmic Reality



Since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their first steps on the Moon in 1969, technology has undergone exponential innovation. After all, the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) had less computing power than a modern washing machine.

Despite the fact that humans haven’t returned to the Moon since the cancellation of the Apollo program in 1972, there have nonetheless been incredible advances in space exploration in recent years. In 2019 alone, we now have multiple companies developing reusable rockets, organizations germinating plants from the lunar surface, and NASA offering private citizens the opportunity to visit the International Space Station.

Besides the possibilities of faster, more powerful rockets, our latest telescopes enable us to see light that has taken 13 million years to get to us from a star that is that far from us.  This shows us not only the speed-increase we need to get to it but how inadequate our comprehension is of that unique human-being in 29 a.d who said 'before Abraham was I am".

It's obvious that this universe is far bigger and far more complex than we have ever thought, and the old 'pie-in-the-sky' idea we've had of heaven is just a joke compared with what we're beginning to see of reality.  And this man Jesus, who claimed to be older than Abraham and whose ability to stop living on the earth and then to come back to life, might be older than the earth and universe itself.

Whatever the truth is - we're all living in a bigger, older universe than we ever thought, and we'll have to enlarge our thinking about our individual lives and deaths - and see if we have any part to play outside our  brief experience on this young planet.

This unique man, who seemed aware of both an earthly life and an existence outside time is treated by society as a religious leader, but he himself always talked personally about his father as the God who made everything.  He explained why we all are here - and that they wanted to develop this vast universe through us after we come to know and understand them.

Our Creator loves you personally and has  carefully designed you in his Son for a work that only you can do in his billion light-year universe.

He has given you free will so that you can share the love that He and his Son have: these hundred Spiritual Life talks detail ways you can understand his compassionate love and live in the  light of this reality.

  • Otherwise we have no security significance or happiness and are driven to get them from things, others and circumstances.