Cosmic Reality

Some of the stars that we see are just light that started from their sources over thirteen billion years ago. So eternity is the only way we can conceive of the magnitude of our creator and the miraculous place we are in.

Solar System - Planets

All of us have the same question - why are we here ? Only one human being has died and returned to life to assure us about why we’re alive. Around 30 a.d. he said “ before Abraham was I am” - his life and death and return to life are three of the best recorded historical facts we have.

They were recorded by well-known eyewitnesses  whose accounts were read, distributed and confirmed by hundreds alive when the events took place. Historians have since recognised the cosmic significance of this man Jesus by referring to consequent history as B.C. and A.D..

Jesus explained that His Father created us in Him so that he can share their love through us and fill this earth and the universe with his beauty. This is why you’re here - his apostle Paul said “you are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which he has prepared beforehand that you should walk in them”.

These works include not only the dominion over the world that your maker has planned for your life on earth but also the intuitive development of the universe he has been preparing for you to share - in the powers of the age to come as we taste by faith power over weakness, sickness or death and deeper understanding of the workings of providence and the interaction of circumstances.

For all these reasons Jesus called us friends rather than servants - because a servant doesn’t understand what his master is doing, but a friend shares his master’s heart and knows why he acts as he does. The universe is filled with the creator and its heart is his. He wants to show us in this life and the life to come how to administer his will throughout the numerous planets and stars; in our spiritual life with him through conscience, communion, and intuition.