Cosmic Reality

Some of the stars that we see are just light that started from their sources over thirteen billion years ago. So eternity is the only way we can conceive of the magnitude of our creator and the miraculous place we are in.

Solar System - Planets


The creator made you a unique part of his eternal Son when you were born. He gave you free will so that you could share their love forever and help develop the infinite universe they have created.  

At present we can see the light that started towards us from a star over 13 billion light-years ago; so obviously the creator can see all time and the whole universe in a second ! 


In that second he knew you had to have freedom to see what life was like without him if you were to freely choose to love him; so he gave you free will and in your death with his Son above time (because he is transcendent and sees everything at once) he bore the nothingness of everything in the world that you had chosen but that he was not - and the forsakeness that his son felt from his Father who had given us the free will to choose nothing in our present life.

Thus in a real sense "Christ tasted death for every man" (Hebrews 2:9), for most of us have misused our free will in this present life - we've tried to get from things, people and circumstances the security, significance and happiness that only the real love of our creator can give us, but he has borne all of our consequently desecrated selves and world personally in his son's death above time and has recreated us all in his son's cosmic resurrection. Meanwhile his forbearing heart pleads each day that you and I will stop our self-exaltation and give Him his place as the central director of our lives. 


So now there lies before us all a present brief opportunity on earth to  live in our creator's love so that we can go on to develop the ever-expanding universe in that same love that is patient and kind and does not insist on its own way. 


For in the resurrection he has graciously recreated you and the desecrated world. You will be able to manifest  this new world in the coming ages - by faith in the forbearance and wisdom of Christ - rather than the anti-christ hubris of the nations which God destroyed at the tower of Babel. 


So, after our brief life on this small planet, you and I will begin a far larger life developing the infinite universe around us by powers and lives that exceed our expectations more than even the size of this universe is doing.



God has a work for you to do. You are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, that he has prepared beforehand that you should walk in them (Ephesians 2:10).  So there lies before us a huge universe where we will move from glory to glory and exercise the powers of the ages to come. So even in this present world Christ can lift us into new powers and experiences which will bring us into a deeper experience of our dear Father in the spiritual life of communion,conscience, and intuition.