Cosmic Reality

Some of the stars that we see are just light that started from their sources over thirteen billion years ago. So eternity is the only way we can conceive of the magnitude of our creator and the miraculous place we are in.

Solar System - Planets

The Infinite Universe

As we begin to glimpse the vastness of the universe that seems to be expanding at an ever-increasing rate - with distant and more numerous planets being discovered by our latest telescopes, we talk now about a thirteen billion light-year universe in which time-travel is normal.

The impossibility of a Jewish man in 29 a.d saying "before Abraham was I am" now seems no big deal in eternal time where it's always 'now' !

Moreover, the man that made this statement is the most accurately-documented human being we have in the five thousand ancient manuscripts detailing his actions and words in our international libraries and museums. We even have an original piece of one manuscript aged 100 a.d of one of Jesus' young followers who died about 100 a.d. Even Caesar's 'Gallic Wars' is based on a copy dated 900 years after Caesar wrote his original account while Plato's 'Republic' is based on a copy dated 1300 years after he died.

But, of course, our Western history is based on its relationship to his birth as B.C. or A.D. so it's no surprise to say his name is Jesus and he is the divine Son of God, our maker.

The historicity of his life and resurrection is unprecedented in the number and reliability of eye-witnesses and of early manuscripts that ensure its transmission.

This pre-historic Bible presents the temporal view of how we have used our free will to abuse and desecrate this world made in his son by our Maker - AND the eternal timeless view of how his father, our God forbore that pain and remade the world and us in his Son - so that we would have another chance to develop the earth. Its statement of reality is clear - God, our maker, made us and the world in his own son Jesus to share their love and let Him develop the universe through us - and we have the same freedom as his son !

The actual Biblical statement of cosmic reality is "we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, that he has prepared beforehand for you to walk in them" - but only His friends can understand what he is doing. So each of us exists to develop in this present life our conscience and intuition of God's personal will for our actions here - and then for our cosmic life in the development of His billion-year universe.


This spiritual life (rather than the present more primitive psychological life) is an intimate relationship between us "friends who know what their Lord is doing" and their Lord. Our human spirit's communion, conscience, and intuition will enable us to understand our Father's will for each one of us in His beloved Son's development of our whole universe.